Monday, August 25, 2014


not for sale

This is one I painted a couple of months ago (looks better in person), of a boy I knew years ago in Austin, coincidentally named Austin. I did a commission for his parents then, and have since completely lost touch with them. So this was just for practice, because I've had a hankering to paint people lately.

And now for a report on last week's workshop. I had a really lovely group of kids who painted their hearts out for five days. And even though they may have complained a bit, and said/did some naughty things, I will not say a word about it. Why? Because at the end of the week they presented me with a whole slew of giant sunflowers, and a card signed by all! I cannot, in good conscience, complain. Here they are working (and me grinning, bottom right):

And here's the whole group. Thanks, y'all were great!!


Unknown said...

Carol, you gave your all in that workshop. We all felt so lucky and inspired. Thank you for a great week! I just love your portrait painting! Great Work!

Anonymous said...

There are men in those pictures. I didn't know men were allowed in your workshops :)

Barbara Pask said...

Fun to see you paint a portrait in your juicy style , it's beautiful.

Marilyn Hester said...

Carol, you are so gifted and sharing. The workshop was a lovely experience and so very organized. Thank you for everything!