Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lunch in Germany


Above is a painting I did from a reference photo I took in Germany. Honestly, I forget the name of the town. All I remember is that it was really hard to pronounce!

To the right are a few pictures from our backpacking trip this last weekend. My husband and I joined Leigh and Terry Sparks for 2 wonderful days in the Cascades! We found the most ridiculously beautiful spot to set up camp, right on Crescent Lake. You can see both the sun-rise and -set, as well as a photo of the boys cooking our dinner (while Leigh and I sat with our feet in the water, drinking wine!). Today Terry is back to hiking the entire PCT (from Mexico to Canada), where he averages 35 miles a day! He was really slumming it with us and our meager 25 miles over 2 days. Because of that, I am quite embarrassed to say we are still sore from the hiking. Oh.

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