Monday, July 14, 2014

Cow Crowd


My workshop last week went really well. Besides being periodically covered in paint, my kids behaved themselves quite well, and painted even better. I completely forgot to take pictures until the last day, and only got a few.

Being that it was an advanced workshop, we tackled some difficult subjects: white, flowers, reflections on a glass surface, flowers and metal. They also spent one day working on a larger still life painting.

Right after the workshop I had a little adventure in backpacking, which I will post about soon. Meanwhile, here is my group of cute kiddies from this last workshop, below. Y'all were great!

ps. The cow painting above is another from Germany...


Beginner said...

Hey, Carol, what are some subjects for beginning still life paintings? You mentioned tough subjects like white and reflection, and I was wondering what would be good things to start with. Thank you!!

Carol Marine said...

Hi Beginner! I would say some of the simplest still life objects are apples. Fruits and vegetables in general are great because you can fudge the shape quite a bit. Apples will never complain if you make them a little too fat. : )