Saturday, July 14, 2012

Seeking Revenge

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We're off tomorrow for 4 days camping at the beach! I can't tell you how lovely it is to say that. Camping at the beach in Texas in July would be beyond miserable. But in Oregon? Aaaaawesoooome! I am going to try to squeeze in some plein air along with all the relaxing. : )

WORKSHOP: Boothbay, ME, June 10-14. 2013, email Lee to register.


Anne said...

Hello, I have loved looking at your site every single day. Yesterday, I thought I would look at ways that you have developed over the years of painting ( to give myself a dose of encouragement) and could not find the listings to your beginning paintings. I rememger you had mentionead that the site was changed by some cyber gnome. Are the older paintings no longer availagle for viewing? Thank you,

Carol Marine said...

Anne, look for the "blog archive" dropdown on the right side of my blog, right above the "other daily painters". : )

trade plumbing supplies said...

I like this painting. Perfect for my new remodel kitchen.

Anne said...

Thank you. Enjoy your camping with "the boys".