Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crazy Chicken

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Another scene from the Gold King Mine. Someday I will catch these crazy chickens in the sunlight. For some reason they roamed only in the shade. We tried to chase them around, but I only got a few blurry photos before they high-tailed it back into the shade.


Crystal Cook said...

That looks like a chicken on a mission, he's got a plan I bet. I love the new subjects you're working on Carol, just proves that you are exceptionally AWESOME at painting anything.

Colin Page said...

Hey Carol,

Your paintings are looking great. I love the chicken paintings and the side of the building with German windows is great. I really like these different compositions and subjects.

Sydney said...

beautiful hen! x


Brenda Ferguson said...

Ha! Love this. I got an image of you chasing chickens around trying to get them where you wanted them...all the while trying to capture some reference photos! Too fun!

Rose Hohenberger said...

Great chicken , Carol. Maybe they don't see as well in the sunlight?

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Just fantastic. I loved the chickens at the Mine and only hope to make them look this great!
By the way, I came onto your blog to look through your archives and show my students some of your paintings but you don't have it set up to show the archives. Would you mind adding that feature?
I love to go back through your posts and look at the paintings. I am still amazed when I see them again.
See you soon dearest :D