Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Precious Plums - SOLD

Apparently the bugs that have been biting me (while doing plein air here in Arizona) are Buffalo Gnats. Not only are they annoying when they swarm around my face while I paint, I wake up each night with new welts that are amazingly itchy! And scratching them only make them more itchy. I had more luck today with the trucks. I will post them when I get home, so for now please accept more plums. And I thought I'd mention - they are teensy plums that I got from a neighbor down the road - he grew them on his plum tree. These plums don't have cleavage (see comment on yesterday's post).


Peter Barker said...

Never mind the lack of plum cleavage, look at that gorgeous pink are very annoying Carol !

Ann said...

So beautiful! I love this one. Sorry to hear that you're suffering. But sometimes we have to suffer for our art, right? Take care Carol!

Edward Powell said...

We have the gnats in southern Indiana as well - same results and in some cases people go to emergency room for swelling etc. Paper fabric softeners rubbed on exposed skins seems to keep them off for an hour or so. Repeat when necessary. Netting from a fabric store over your head with a cap also might allow you to be outdoors without getting nailed by those nasty little creatures.