Friday, December 17, 2010

"Reflecting Orange" - SOLD

Good news - the airline delivered our bag today! So now I have everything I need to paint. But did I paint today? No, I enjoyed another day of blissful relaxation. Not that I won't be itching to paint very soon, but it has been nice to recover from jet lag with no pressure to work. When I do finally paint, I will have to set up in one of the 3 rooms that are heated by the wood stove - probably the kitchen. We will have very close quarters and I'm sure everyone will be tripping over me. Ah well.


Anne Stickney said...

Glad you made it OK.
You'll have to paint something
German while you are there.
Linzertorte comes to mind.
(my favorite!!)
Anne Stickney
Tuscaloosa, AL

Anonymous said...

Nice to follow your blog. You are a great painter and one day, when I'll grow up, I wanna be like you...

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

The paintings just get better and better.
After 5 years? I am still blown away by the drama in your work.

The Rose said...

There is the orange again!! I think that sould be you signature or something. Like in all of your paintings you sould have a tiny little orange in the corner and every body would say " Oh, that must be by Carol Marine."