Saturday, December 04, 2010

"Color Hog" - SOLD

My buddy Mary sent me a cow creamer to paint recently. I tried setting it up all alone several times but finally decided it needed some company. More fiddling and here it is as a supporting character (right side).
I'm off tomorrow for a 5-day workshop in Louisiana. As usual, I'll try to post as I go, but no promises.


Denise Rose said...

I have one of those cow creamers! Actually, mine is white with a brown design on it. I am not bringing it to Louisiana with me though...just about to leave for your workshop and so excited!

Virginia Floyd said...

Fabulous painting, Carol! Your use of grays is masterful. We all wish we could do that!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I LOVE the composition in this one - that red apple just knocks my socks off! And I love, also, the supporting characters - all of them! This looks like it would a be a bigger painting than a 6x6!!

David Teter said...

Carol, after following your work online for so long I finally had the chance to see an original at the 6" Squared Show, Randy Higbee gallery last night.

The painting of the white truck "Abandoned".
A beautiful painting... old and abandoned maybe, but you have breathed life into it with your energetic composition and brushwork.

The original is stunning!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Love it!
He does need a supporting cast though and they all shine!!

Unknown said...

The subtlety of the background objects is fantastic.

Nick Raymon said...

Fantastic painting..
Toronto Painter