Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Cherryspresso" & "Upper Field" - SOLD

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After much deliberation I've decided to put the rest of my landscapes from last week in my Ebay store, as "make me an offer" listings. I struggle with landscapes, and while I like the ones I'll post (I wiped the rest) I'd rather you guys decide what they're worth.

The story behind the painting below: One day at Lost Maples, Penny and I took a hike to find a new painting spot. After a couple of hours, with heavy packs full of painting gear on our backs, we came across a guy and his dog. He said "there's some stress up ahead." We thought - ok... After a few minutes and some extreme uphill, we thought "stress" was an understatement. But at the top we came out into this beautiful clearing with fields of this light grass and a few clumps of dark cedar. I said "Penny, even though we're hungry and tired and don't have much water left and it's another hour hike back to the car, we've got to paint this." So we did.

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Mary Anne Cary said...

You are too hard on yourself, these landscapes are great! Loose and painterly!

malavika oak said...

this still life is soooooo cute !..i want to have that cherry :)

Steve PP said...

We all struggle with landscapes. That's what makes the small successes memorable! Keep painting them, I love them!

Tooninator said...

beautiful esspresso painting. I love the little gifts you leave in each painting by staying loose. So much to see.

Alice Saltiel-Marshall said...

You are so refreshing, in your attitude as well as your painting. It is a real pleasure following your blog!