Saturday, May 15, 2010


I've heard one report so far from a friend who saw the movie (mentioned yesterday). Apparently the bar scene happens so quickly, near the end of the film, my paintings are a blur. Ah well.
For those of you who don't know why I'm in Germany, my husband was adopted from here when he was a baby. About two years ago he found his birth parents, still married. Earlier this year his birthfather died (at 85) and today was the funeral. We are here visiting his birthmother and today we also visited with lots of family. Unfortunately very few speak any English at all. My husband has been dutifully teaching himself German, but for me painting always wins out when I have any time. Tomorrow, hopefully, I will be able to paint.
ps. I am calling this "Stemless" because ... I see now, from Germany, that I completely forgot to paint in the stem for the grapes. Woops! If the winner wants it in, I can do it. : )


Barbara Andolsek Paintings said...

Sorry to hear the news about your husband's father. It sounds like he lived a long life. As far as cramming anything besides art in my brain, I'm with you there Carol. The stems - I'll use my imagination. Hope you have some time to plein air paint.

Linda said...

Even without the stem these grapes are really nice. I love the ribbon's swirls and the dark bottle. Actually, the whole painting is REALLY great!

My condolences to you and your husband. I'm sure he is grateful to have found and meet his birth parents.

Looking forward to your paintings from Germany!

ginnyntex said...

Carol, I love the painting--all the colors in the grapes, the under painting peeking through, the translucency of the bottle. I didn't notice the lack of a stem!
Virginia Floyd

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol, Just want you to know, it's a fabulous painting, with or without the stem.

Ann Reyes said...

Carol, I'm very sorry to hear of your father-in-law's death. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. So glad your husband got to meet his birthfather.

Love your paintings!

Mary Bullock said...

What a blessing that your husband found and got to spend time with his birth Father before he passed away. Sort of bittersweet.

Jo Castillo said...

It is great that your husband found is birthparents. Sorry for your loss.

Love your paintings and travel stories. Take care and enjoy the rest of your trip.