Monday, May 17, 2010

"Uphill Path" - SOLD

I did get to paint yesterday, but after more than a full of week of kein (kein=no - oh my gosh, I'm thinking in German!) brush time, I think I'm allowed at least one total stinker. And yesterday's was it. Today I got a little more traction, though it's still an uphill battle (hence the title of this one ... sort of) for me with plein air.

People walk a lot in Germany and there are paths everywhere for this, which is fabulous for us since we didn't rent a car. This means the places I paint must be within walking distance of the house, which is somewhat limiting. Fortunately this is a beautiful place (we are in the Black Forest, in Southern Germany, near Schluchsee - for those who asked). I saw a teensy bit of blue sky today, but still mostly overcast. Just a little rain.


Wendy X. Ordóñez H. said...

This is beautiful!!!

The Windrush Gallery said...

Nicely done Carol!

Linda said...

Lovely, Carol!