Thursday, April 08, 2010

"Pressure From Above"

Even though I was sitting and waiting most of the day, I am exhausted from travelling. Isn't that always the way!? Tomorrow starts my workshop here in Florida, so before I collapse in bed I am posting an egg I painted last week on the same I day I did a similar one to this. I was enjoying the egg in the blue bowl so much I actually did 3 of them! (so expect one more)


Ingrid B. Mehlert said...

Hi Carol,
I just can´t stop watching your blog...beautiful art...what are you doing with all the eggs after they did their duty as models? Maybe they will turn into stylish cupcakes? I wish I could join your workshop...but Germany isn´t around the corner!
Good luck with your workshop!
Many Greetings from Bamberg!

Gerald Schwartz said...

WOW! Carol, this is wonderful, coloring,composition and handling of medium and brush.. Knockout painting.

Karen said...

I just love this one! The design is wonderful!

Dean Grey said...

Love the title and smart composition of this one, Carol!

You snuck a lot of color into this still life too!


SKIZO said...


Hope Cunningham Daily Paintings said...

My husband does very detailed water color paintings and just does not get why I want to paint simply and boldly. Having said that, he LOVED this painting.You won him over.