Saturday, April 10, 2010

"Old Ford"

This truck is from an old photo I took long ago on a wandering through downtown Austin. It was an overcast day and I am incredibly pleased with how it came out on this small panel.
Meanwhile, I am having a blast in Florida. The weather is perfect and my kids aren't complaining too too much about the work I make them do. As usual they drag me out after class and force wine on me, and tonight I had to arm wrestle one of them for the priveledge of buying dessert (I won - haha!). This is actually the second time this has happened. These kids are crazy! Here they are hard at work. I'm so impressed - when I say "squint" they squint!


SarahBowie said...

Great action shots of your workshop! And your car paintings are amazing. Better than any car ad I have seen. Could be a new career for you? Yeah, I'm sure you would like to be a commercial artist for the auto industry, SUCH a powerful economic sector, LOL.

Mary Bullock said...

The truck picture is wonderful! I especially like the arrow that points out of the picture! Great stuff.

Gwen Bell said...

Love the truck, particularly that rusty bumper. Great job!

Another arm wrestler? (I could have told her you'd win.) I think it would be funny if word got around that you actually WANT to arm wrestle and you have students lined up in each city eager to take you on. RRRRRAAAAAAAHHHHH!

Geert-Jan said...

I'm still out of my mind after watching your apples for weeks, maybe months, and now the transition to cars. Great fun.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Very cool painting.
You inspire me to break out a pile of 'old truck' photos that I've snapped over the years ;)
I feel nostalgic for the class at Eileen's.
You could get arrested by the 'fun' police!!

Dan Robinson said...

Carol, You have a wonderful way with so many different things, looking forward to seeing what is next.

Hope Cunningham Daily Paintings said...

This truck is so much fun, Carol. You did a great job. What I really love is that you can tell what kind of day it is. Great job capturing the light and atmosphere! Looks like some hardworking painters in your workshop!

I was recently watching a Scott Burdick video where he tells this story about his teacher, Bob Parks.

One night, Bob's students decided to get him drunk so he would give up "the secret" to great painting. They plied him with alcohol and questions until he was seriously inebriated.

Apparently, the last thing he said before he passed out drunk was "Squint and Compare."

deo prakash choudhary said...

nice stroke.thanks