Monday, April 20, 2009

"Yellow Splash"

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Someone asked me recently to explain what I mean by "value." Basically value is how light or dark a color is. So, the lightest value in this painting is the light yellow bits on the edges of the flower petals. The darkest value is the middle brown part where it's in shadow. Value should not be confused with saturation. Saturation is how intense or pure a color is. The least saturated color is gray.

Someone else asked when my studio will be done. I honestly don't know, but we hope to have the shell up in a month or so. I expect the whole thing will be done in 3 to 6 months, working on it most weekends and some weeknights. Check out today's progress.


Mónica said...

When are you teaching a workshop in Raleigh (or close by) in North Carolina? Your paintings are great!

Unknown said...

I also love your paintings, really I'm trying to learn of them. Now one bold observation I think the petals at the foreground could be with sharp edges and the background crisp. By the way I cant get borders like you, would you mind explain me who to get them?. I beg pardon for my English

Julián Andrade

MooPig said...

"...Someone else asked when my studio will be done. I honestly don't know, but we hope..."In response to studios: I often tell myself that when I finally have my "dream" studio, I will be sleight of vision and hand, and possibly have only weeks left to live.

After a lifetime of crawling on floors, hiding in attics, freezing in garages, stumbling around in backrooms, fighting dust balls, tumble weeds, bad light, and birds, insects, mice and snakes...

...I have to tell others that a studio is a dream notion I may never realize in my lifetime, and as it is to most of us... it is always in "the works."

The last real studio I ever worked in was at Trinity U, in the early 70's... Yikes!

Life has taken many turns and a studio has never been a "family priority.." for my bunch. Why do I say this? Almost every artist I have pleasure to talk with says "my studio is almost finished..."

Thanks for sharing that studio note there, CM. I sense, and appreciate, the irony of the statement.