Monday, March 02, 2009

Snow is Westford, MA

Below is the view from my window here in Westford, MA. I have 2 more half days of teaching so maybe I can do a snowscape from the window before I leave. I can't imagine painting out in it!!!


Gail Sauter said...

Hi Carol,
Now you know why we're called 'hearty New Englanders'!
Here is the link to an image and post I made a while back about Willard Metcalf painting outside in New England in winter:

Stay warm - and enjoy!
Gail Sauter

Elenka said...

ha ha, hey Carol.
I'm up in Maine and we got 12 " on top of the 14' we got last Monday. Ya miss Texas?
This is why I paint from photographs a lot of the time.

robertsloan2art said...

Great photo! I hope you do get to do a life painting from that window. I know I'd want to!

Susan's Scribbles said...

Now that's cold! Hope the classes are going well!

jan said...

Wait until the sun comes out. Get your camera ready. See you at the Friday class.
Jan D.

Kay Wyne said...

Your photograph brought back many childhood memories of how harsh the winter can be. I grew up in Illinois, where the winters were long and bitter. I hope you stay warm and take lots of pics!

Stacey S. Hill said...

NOW is your chance to paint snow! It's now or never! Go for it!
The 1st year I lived in San Antonio it snowed 16 inches. Once in a lifetime event! That was 25 years ago.

David Lobenberg said...

I can just see you in that cozy chair just painting away, lost in your work!

LSaeta said...

Love the photo. And I am sure that you are probably the one person that is enjoying all of the snow. Those of us in warm climates would "kill" for a few snow days because we don't have to face the regularity of snow shoveling, bundling up kids and icy streets. Enjoy your workshops and take advantage of the beautiful views! I can't imagine you will have time to paint the white stuff but it would be great to see your paintings if you did!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I miss snow. No complaints, though.
83 degrees here in SW Florida.
I hope that despite the difficulty of walking in it, it was a thrill for you ;)