Thursday, March 05, 2009

demo & kids

Here is a really terrible photo of my demo from yesterday (sold). Although I didn't actually attempt to take the picture outside (too cold!), I am flummoxed as to how I would do it with all that reflective snow! Here are some of my kids, hard at work.

And here is a group photo:

It was a great group - we had a lot of fun! I did a little snowscape today after class, from my window, but again couldn't get a good photo of it. I'll try again tomorrow and if I still can't get it I'll bring it home and do it there.


Mark Bridges said...

Those pears look like they are headed out in to the snow to build a snowman. I have the ac on right now cause it's 81 here in Dallas

Karen Rike said...

I'm jealous. You had fun with your other kids.

When do you get back home?
Karen (one of the Dallas Nine)

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

They look like a fun group! ALMOST as fun as the Santa Fe group! But one thing... why do you have short sleeves on????? It's just breaking 32 degrees today for the first time all week! :)
Great pears - no surprise!

Kim VanDerhoek said...

So THAT'S how you paint a pear! I just painted one the other day and oh, it turned out horribly. Must practice. Must take your workshop if you ever come here!

What fun to be able to paint snow. I'm looking forward to the snowscape you'll be posting.

DSM said...

Since this is a demo' piece from a WORKSHOP, I'll follow through with a question: Does anyone want to share a room at Carol"s Jacksonville workshop?

I'm David Meier ( and I've already enrolled.