Friday, January 02, 2009

"Look, the Sun!"

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Thank you for the great response about our upcoming move and new studio! Ok ok, I'll gush about it! In fact, I'll start a separate blog where I'll post updates (when we get started ... in a few months) about my studio, and I'll put links from here when I get new stuff up for those who might be interested.

I tend to come up with new ideas for paintings in the car or in bed right before I fall asleep. I had an idea recently to do paintings from straight on with stacked bowls and cups, etc. This is the first, but I have done a couple of other larger ones too. I really like them. They have a grounded feel that makes me feel good. Don't ask me why.


Mark Bridges said...

Maybe it's the childs eye view?

Sarah said...

Can't wait for that new blog to start. How exciting!!!
I look forward to your paintings soo much. I love this painting!!!
WOW!!! Those two green/turq. bowls just make everything pop :)

JanettMarie said...

Giorgio Morandi

Frank Gardner said...

I like anything you do with plates in it.
Several of your recent small paintings have the complexity of your bigger stuff. Nice to see that on a small scale.
Happy New Year!

Carol Marine said...

Thanks you guys! Janett, it's funny you say Giorgio Morandi - a friend of mine recently brought over a book of his to show me. I think that's exactly where I got the idea! I suppose all the original ideas are used up already. : )

Edward Burton said...

Wonderful painting, Carol. I love the little hits of highlights - great composition too.