Wednesday, December 17, 2008

lotsa mushrooms

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After 3 days of not painting, I came back into my studio only to find that ... I had forgotten how to paint! This has happened many times, and somehow, after a bit, I always remember. This time it was easier, and I'll tell you why. After the first bad one, I wiped it off. After the second one, ditto. The third one was easier. By the fourth I was back in the swing of painting and loving it (this given I had a whole day to paint). The idea here is not to struggle over paintings that aren't working, but to move on, and keep moving on, until things click again. I recommend it.

The first 2 wipers were of these mushrooms. I didn't wipe these 2 because they were better than the first 2, but ... I am posting them each starting at $50.

Click Here to Bid (starting at $50)


Sarah said...

Great advice and a good reminder to us artists!!!
I love the mushrooms : -)

Nancy B. Hartley said...

Carol, I can't imagine you doing a bad painting. Thanks for sharing this info. It's reassuring to know that, sometimes, even you, don't do perfecft work, and to keep going forward no matter what! I love your mushrooms.

Jeanne Bauer said...

Carol, I guess I'm missing something...both of these paintings are grand. The colors are rich and inviting as ever. And your brushstrokes...there is always a little lesson in each of your works. I'm quite taken by both pieces.