Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Hot Hill" - SOLD

My husband and I spent this entire last weekend putting tile down on our kitchen floor. It's harder than it sounds, let me tell you! And we still have more to do. And since the "glue" under the tile had to "set," we got out of the house on Monday, hence no posts from me for 3 days. Here is one more pepper painting from before, and now I am back to painting and on to other things.


Sarah said...

Hope your new kitchen tile looks great! These little peppers are lovely and I'm glad you're back to painting. I was going through withdrawals ; -)

Jeanne Bauer said...

I am crazy crazy crazy about these colors. someone recently said to me "eh, green is green." I had to send on this picture of yours just to prove how green green really is. This background color is making me crazy! LOVE it.

I'm in Texas now heading to Austin to see your larger work..so looking forward to it. jb