Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Sun Bathing" --- SOLD

I was running on some back roads the other day and found a patch of these late blooming yellow flowers. I had to go back with the car and pick them because ... I couldn't figure out a way to run with them without destroying them. : )


Bob said...

Got to your site from Dan McAvey's site...Love your paintings. I do plein air landscapes mostly, which puts the kabosh on a lot of painting during the winter here in Michigan. I'm a fair weather painter I admit. Anyway, you have really nice technique and style.--Bob

Atul Pande said...

Carol: This is a very nice piece. The use of blue-grey in the background really makes the yellow pop out. Almost makes the flower seem like it is floating on top of a pond. Nice!

PAT MEYER -- said...

You always inspire me. Would love to take one of your workshops sometime if you could put me on your list. Thanks. I am in Conroe Texas