Friday, October 17, 2008

"Orange Reflections 2" --- SOLD

This is what I talked about yesterday - the same setup with the light coming from a different direction. It's really tough getting all the values correct in orange slices, as well as the areas of subtly different saturation. But a good challenge.

I'll be out of town tomorrow. I'm taking a little break with my family. Back on Sunday.


Anita said...

I love the structure of those orange segments, delicious contrasting colours!

Terry Daniels said...

My favorite part is the front left edge on the middle slice. Love how the whole edge of the front part of the orange is done with a simple L-shaped cut of the brush.

Darnit, I want to eat some oranges now.

David Lobenberg said...

I get damn tired complimenting your wonderful oils (remember that I own 4 of them...lucky me!). So what I'm going to do here is give "Orange Reflections 2" a scathing critique. The title is dumb and way too prosaic. The background would look a lot more dramatic with a zebra strip pattern. What happened at the right front edge of the plate? Dropped some white paint? You need to be a neater painter. And finally, what's up with your signature? You can't read it. You need to paint your full name clearly in legible letters across the entire bottom of all your paintings. I hope this critique helped(: