Sunday, October 05, 2008

"Escaping Bell" --- SOLD

Bell peppers are tough because they are just slightly translucent. So the light is going to shine right through them to some extent, lightening up the shadow side more than you would get with a more opaque object ... like an apple say. And then any reflected light from their surroundings are going to lighten it up even more (if it's a light ground). Which makes the shadow side just a bit darker and a bit more gray than the lit up side ... depending somewhat on the color of the reflected light and the pepper. I think the more you paint the more you become acquainted with these little subtleties. I remember when I first started painting with oil, in college, one of my (more experienced) classmates was talking to me about a portrait. I was looking at the subject seeing flesh tones and she said "do you see that blue there on the side of the nose?" I did not see it. And I couldn't have matched it with paint to save my life! But the more I look at things from this perspective the more sensitive I am to color and value. Now I go around squinting at everything in my life, comparing values, mixing colors in my head. It's pretty great, actually. My husband says I'm obsessed but I think it's necessary. I'm just glad it comes naturally.


Christine Mercer-Vernon said...

you're right, i do that too...walk around squinting at everything all day...people often ask me what i'm doing, if i'm okay, or if i have something in my eye....i've given up trying to explain. it helps though, when you are trying to train your eyes.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is now second nature to you and from your reflections on these experiences you have honed this skill. 1% talent and 99% hardwork is the motto. I still struggle to see and experience severe cases of blindness which comes apparent when I walk away from my canvas. One day I'll get it, I hope.

E. Floyd said...

Great post! I enjoy reading about other artist's experiences of how their "eye" for color has evolved over time. It is something I too am experiencing and it is fun remembering how it has improved over time.

I also like how you have been playing off the red and green palette in your recent paintings as well. Have a nice week! Liz

Jeanne Bauer said...

this piece is so rich and carries a lot of depth. I'm delighted by the shadow here. Before I read the discourse, I could immediately tell you were really engaged in this piece.
I really enjoy getting to know you better through your paintings.
beautiful work. jb

Randy Webb said...

I have a sheet of clear plastic that I coated in acrylic medium several times until it was like looking through squinted eyes.

I still walk around squinting all the time, because I keep the sheet with my painting gear and don't always have it on me. But when painting, I often use it along with my eyes as one more tool to judge a scene.

I love your work, and visit your blog everyday. Since I don't think I have posted before, I just thought I would say thanks, and keep it up.

I found the demo video on youtube, and would love it if you would do more.

R. Webb

Barbara Pask said...

Nice to know that with enough time and experience I will eventually see all of those colors. Some people seem to have a gift for it but maybe it's just lots of practice. It is getting better with time.