Tuesday, October 07, 2008

"Bell Bottoms" --- SOLD

I take full credit for the title of this one, and I have to admit I was pretty tickled with myself when I thought of it. : ) The tops of these peppers weren't anything special to look at but the bottoms were just fantastic.

I did a painting yesterday too, and took a picture of it, and was just about to post it last night when I realized ... well it just wasn't very good. And I'm thinking more and more that I just don't want to post work I'm not proud of. To make up for it here is one of my favorite, recent, "larger" paintings. I call it "Pig, Peppers and a Plate." It's 20"x20".


Diane Hoeptner (hep-ner) said...

Just: WOW, both so delightful and uniquely MODERN. Thanks very much for posting the bigger piece.

michael mikolon said...

Triple P, first off I love that little pig so much. And orange is one of my favorite colors. If I could afford it I would be hanging that one in my home.

Jannie Funster said...

Very creative. Very unique that hex design you do.

It appears you are a true original?


Terry Rafferty said...

Love the pig! And you should be proud of the "bell bottoms" title - just perfect!

Melissa said...

Please...if it's not too late. Please consider posting things you are not so pleased with. I am a new painter and I am passionate about my new adventure. I have four children ages 7,5,3.5,and 2. Three boys and one girl. For the love of life please tell me how you manage painting with your three year old!!! I would give a great deal to paint daily!!! I am learning so much from your self critiques.