Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Two by Two" --- SOLD

I feel like I am finally hitting a groove again after returning from Germany, and it's a good feeling. I like to hit a balance between too loose and not loose enough and I think this one is there.

Donna Clark asked me to post a photo of my backpack and how my plein air stuff goes in it, and I meant to get some photos of that today but alas ... I didn't have time. I will do it tomorrow.


Sara Winters said...

I am loving this plum theme! I am on tomatoes myself, but am inspired to go shopping for some luscious fruit. I love your bold, decisive brushwork and color choices. The plums look juicy.

Jenae said...

I'm glad someone else asked to see your set up b/c I wanted to see it too! Thank you for your inspiration.