Saturday, August 09, 2008

"Kiwi Train" --- SOLD

Well I finally ordered a new plein air box and it was kind of funny how I chose which kind to get in the end (see these 2 posts & comments for this discussion). I had decided on an EasyL but when, after 3 days of calling and leaving messages, I couldn't get in touch with them, I decided to try my luck with Open Box M. They gave me wonderful service and agreed to sell me just the inside portion of the box (just the panel holder and palette), which is exactly what I wanted. They said if anything in my box ever fails they will pay for me to ship it back to them, and fix it for no charge. And all their boxes are made here in America, where a lot of their competitors' boxes are outsourced to other countries. I am thrilled with the service I got. I will be receiving my box in a couple of weeks and will take it to Germany to test out. Apparently there's an internet cafe near where we'll be staying so I hope to post while I'm there. And in case you'd like to know sort of what it'll look like where I'm going, here are some photos from the Black Forest in Germany. Cool, huh?


Nancy Moskovitz said...

Thank you for sharing this budget friendly alternative at Open Box M. I see they are offering similar choices on their site now. Plus...service is everything.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

service IS everything and it's in regrettably short supply these days, unfortunately. I look forward to your review on the 'M'.
The pictures are wonderful. You'll be on sensory overload the whole time!
You'll, of course, be having some black forest cake while you're there, right?

mary said...

Carol, I have painted with mu Open Box M for 1.5 years now, and love it. If you put your paint up against the little sidewalls, you can carry it upright in a backpack, and the paint seems to stick to it.
If you get a quick attachment head like this:
it is easy to take it on and off your tripod. Your camera store may have or be able to order something like it. It is much cheaper and lighter than the quick release ball head they might try to sell your otherwise.
I hope that your are very happy with yours...I am enthusiastic about mine!