Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Carnation 3" --- SOLD

I learned something big with this one. If I want to make something look like it's glowing I have to be very purposeful with it. Clear as mud, eh? What I did here, since the flower is a light yellow and the background is a darker purple, was to mix yellow with purple (keeping the color saturated, so no white or very much blue) to paint in the bits right around the flower. Even though I didn't actually SEE this color - not really - I don't think - I just thought it might work. I'm so used to painting fairly intuitively, from the right brain, and for this I had to jump to the left brain for a minute. It was a bit jolting, but I like the result.


Dean H. said...

I like the result too! Beautiful effect. Will definitely have to try this.

Barbara Pask said...

It does feel like it glows, very nice.

ale balanzario said...

Very good!!!