Wednesday, July 02, 2008

"Private Party" --- SOLD

Because of a glich with Ebay (their glich) this painting is listed with Feel free to check out my feedback ratings on ebay (since I don't have any on ebid yet). Thank you for bearing with me through this!

Here is my second set of sewn stripes. I LOVED doing these white flowers against the dark stripes.

Personal news (nothing to do with painting): my husband was adopted from Germany when he was a baby and has just this last week found his birth parents. They are married to each other, which is quite rare to find in this situation, and because his birth father is quite old we are going to Germany to visit them soon (August). Until then we are trying to learn as much German as we can, as they speak no English. I feel like my head is going to explode with all the new vocabulary! Auf wiedersehen.


Terry Rafferty said...

Wonderful painting, Carol!
How great that you are heading to Germany for a very special reunion; it should be a very important event for everyone. Where in Germany? I lived there for several years; I think you will find it lovely and the people to be generous and interesting (and the food can be spectacular!) Hope you will write about the trip when you get back -

suzé said...

The stripes make the composition very dynamic, I love the red peeking through. You are sounding like Heidi Klum on Project Runway! :0) How exciting for your husband and his parents. Will they be meeting their grandson too? My husband travels to Freising and Munich every other month, he loves Germany, especially the Heffiweisen beer! Can't wait to see what you find and pick up there to paint.

MadDogMcQ said...

Another fabulous painting Carol. Those petals look so delicate even though your brushstrokes look bold. Excellent!!

My father died when he was 27 so I never knew him, but a couple of years ago I tracked down his remaining family in Ireland (his birthplace) and went over to see them. He also had a sister in Scotland and was gonna leave that visit until this year but then changed my mind and went over to meet her last September. I'm glad I did, because she passed away 3 months later. She was a beautiful lady inside and out and I'm so pleased to have met her.

I hope you and hubby have a great time meeting your "new" family.


Nancy Moskovitz said...

How exciting for all of you!
I am partial to this painting and the sugar bowl one, although all are super. Love your titles. nancy

Joseph Cross said...

I love the coplor shapes shapes, really guides my eyes into the peddles. Great work!