Thursday, July 03, 2008

"Huddle" --- SOLD

I'm back on Ebay! I found a way around the problem, finally. Whew.

Thank you all so much for the overwhelming response concerning our Germany adventure. Today my husband bought a book on German and the checkout guy at Borders said "Sprechen sie Duetsch?" and he just froze! : ) It was so funny. He fumbled his way through it but I can tell you the same thing would have happened to me. We've been doing the tapes, and it's one thing to respond to a tape and another to respond to a human being. : ) This is going to be a trip!


pfranklin said...

Too funny Carol. Several years ago I traveled to Germany. A shop-keeper was listening to my brother and I talk about the shop window display and when I turned around to ask a question ... “do you speak English?” He said, "Yes, do you?"

You see, I have a very, very, very slow southern drawl and his English was very, very proper Oxford. :)

BTW... it's not easy to get a southern drawl to turn a German dialect. Take you some picture cards especially of water and bathroom. Hey, you could paint some. :):):)

Love the huddling pears!

Jeanne Bauer said...

The colors in Huddle are so lovely, beautifully done indeed. I have to go for it also

My family name is Gumbrecht from the same area in northern Germany, from the older version Gump Reicht, meaning the family had the only rights to drain ponds. The anciester was a Hessian soldier fighting in the Revolutionary War and the old people have told us so many handed-down stories of the 'homeland'.
How exciting for your family to have a grand adventure in your lives. What will the paintings be!!! jb

Susan Carlin said...

Such a fun composition in this painting! And what exciting news!

Molly Young said...

I love the composition of this piece! And the way you painted the shadows of these pairs with those background reds peeking through.