Sunday, July 27, 2008

More Canada Photos

Here's one of my demos from last week - a dark blue cup with white dots. It was a tough one and I didn't manage to get a great photo. My students bought up every one of my demos. I ended up teaching on Saturday as well with just a few students (since I missed Monday). For lunch, since there were just a few of us, we drove into town and had a very nice lunch. Below is a photo of us outside the Rusty Pelican (Jim, Judy, me & Shelley). Shelley was hesitant to smile much as she thought the other photo I posted of her made her look at bit manic. : ) She is probably the most generous person I've ever met as she invited me back to her house on the lake to relax on Sunday with her & her family. I had a lovely time and she was so nice as to send me back to Red Deer with an extensive care package - enough food for the rest of the week! Thank you Shelley and family!

Tomorrow I start a new class with 17 students. I just hope the students are as fun and enthousiastic as the first group!


Mrs. Mel said...

Gosh you are so tiny! I thought you were taller.

SuzyQ said...

I just found your blog through " Painting a Day"
your work is so beautiful, simple yet vibrant.
I just had to leave a comment!

Have a great week


TB said...

I love your work and would love to take a workshop. Do you know of any in California in Jan., or Feb. '09? I may be able to attend the one in Massachusetts in March.



Susan Carlin said...

Just sending a Texas Howdy up to you in Canada. Sure am loving getting news of your time there- Thanks!

Helen Read said...

I love the simplicity of the mug painting! Also, great use of color!

Paula Cravens said...

I'm glad you made the Canadian trip. I'm sure good old Red Deer will never be quite the same. I don't post everyday but I do post (and paint) far more than I did before your class.
Your Santa Fe Canadian, Paula