Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Apple #854" & more workshop photos --- SOLD

Ok, I haven't painted 854 apples, but sometimes I feel like I have. : ) This apple was my demo yesterday. I give my students first dibs ... and at this point I've still nothing to put on ebay. Below are a couple of photos from this week's class. There are 17 students, the most I've ever had on my own. They say herding artists is like herding cats, but so far I haven't had nearly that much trouble with this group. : )

My kids, hard at work.


Jeanne Bauer said...

I absolutely love love love the beautiful shadow colors on the last two posted pictuers. it doesn't matter to me if you painted a thousand apples. Each one is wonderful on it's own. I've looked at all your apples posted and they're all unique in color or brushstroke. I would have snapped that one up too. Well done! jb

milindmulick said...

sure another wonderful apple,as they say apple a day is good too.
hope to see more 20x20 from you

shane said...

I know this is not related with the Photos on canvas but I think anything that has got to do with paintings would make people interested towards the aspect I am talking about. Looks to me there are enough people who want to do this but are not acquainted with the ways with which they can accomplish this. Any help?