Sunday, July 06, 2008

"For You --- SOLD

Ok, I admit it, I originally got the gift painting idea from Karen Appleton, who does the most magnificent bows I've ever seen!

I just spent a lovely day with my extended family at a belated 4th of July party. The centerpeice for the table was a ceramic coil pot I made when I was a kid, which my beloved Grandma has kept all these years. There's no greater expression of love. Thank you, Grandma!


Deb said...

These are so nice!
I must admit I was tempted to do the same after viewing Karen Appleton's blog. Her gift paintings are so wonderful! (So are yours!)
Also the act of giving one as a gift, well, it would be SO perfect!

David Lobenberg said...

Your color sense is fabulous! You are at the top of my list along with a New England plein air oil painter by the name of Colin Page. Check him out!

Tiffany Edwards Hunt said...

I love this painting. I am hoping I can post it on my blog to announce a holiday rummage sale. Please let me know if you prefer not. I will credit and link you.

Carol Marine said...

Tiffany- Gosh, absolutely! I am honored that would do so. Thank you! -Carol