Monday, July 07, 2008

"Drei Birnen" --- SOLD

The title for this means "Three Pears," in German. I was trying to capture the bright light on the pears without exaggerating the drama. It was really satisfying to paint, and I enjoyed making the brush strokes a bit choppy.


susajo said...

I'm from Germany and a reader of your blog since a while now.
How nice, that you will come visiting our country. Hopefully you don't go to Bavaria, because you will understand nothing what people talk there. Even most Germans have problems to understand their dialect.
I really like the style of your paintings. I haven't painted in oil for ages, but to see your pretty work encourages to paint something.


E. Floyd said...

lovely painting, I like the red/green color palette and how you were able to convey the form of the pears while also keeping the energy of the brush strokes visable.

Edward B. Gordon said...

wunderbar Carol !

Susan Carlin said...

Oh, I do love those choppy strokes. I always read them as confidence and evidence of bold decision. The complimentary red and green is so great, too. Fab. (I don't know any German to cleverly tuck into my comment-sorry!)