Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Rendezvous" --- SOLD

Sharon asked me today to share some about how I paint with a 3 yr-old running around. Well, I don't. : ) From the beginning I have painted only when he naps and (knock on wood) he still sleeps 2-3 hours/day. It's actually the perfect amount of time to do a small painting every day. I've also hired a sitter to come 2 days a week so I can do larger paintings for galleries. And ... sometimes I paint on the weekends when my husband can watch Jacob. In some ways I think I'm more productive now than before Jacob - since now there's no excuse - when it's time to paint, it's time to paint.


Jenae said...

You are such an amazing example of 'just doing it'.
Thank you.

VanDerHoekArt said...

Ah ha! I was wondering the same thing as Sharon. My son only naps for an hour during the day and it looks like he's starting to not need a nap at all anymore. Which is why I don't paint every day...yet.

You amaze me at what you are able to accomplish each day! Paint, photograph & post your work online, market your work and be a stay-at-home mom. Whew!

Stacey Peterson said...

I think I'm also way more productive now than I was before I had Aspen - I know that when I have time to paint, I HAVE to paint - no procrastinating!!! I have the same schedule (2 days a week + naps), and it's actually amazing how much I can get done in that amount of time!

MadDogMcQ said...

Found you while visiting Jeff Mahorney's blog. Wow, you guys are just sooooooooo good, it makes me ill :-)

Fantastic work. I have so far to go and although work like yours makes my journey seem even longer, I also feel more inclined to make the journey having seen what can be achieved. Love it!

MadDogMcQ said...

Hey Carol, Austin is where Stevie Ray Vaughan comes from isn't it? Must be a town full of talent :-)

Anonymous said...

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