Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Red Dream" --- SOLD

This was a challenge. I thought the cherries were saturated until I considered the red shadow (from a round, red, glass bowl)! I had to be very careful not to get even a hint of blue in the shadow - except for the purpley bits on the edges. I also did a large painting today. When it's dry enough I'll get a good photo of it and post it here. I really like it.


Anonymous said...

The palette that you mentioned yesterday is exactly mine...your work is looking very fresh. It looks like you've really got your groove back (not that you ever really lost it, but you seemed so tired and sad for awhile).

Ambera said...

It looks like it was difficult to do, particularly the bowl, but it worked out well.

Tara Wheeler said...


Artist Toni Grote said...

Hi Carol
Wow! I always look forward to seeing your daily masterpieces! You are quite an inspiration :)
Take care,

Felicity P said...

Carol, what beautiful paintings you do. I agree with the poster above... you are an inspiration. Question: how did you go about getting represented by a gallery? Thanks!

Carol Marine said...

Thanks you guys!

Felicity- In order to get represented by a gallery, you've got to show them your work and ask to be represented. There are many ways to do this (tons of info in books and magazines about this) but I personally sent several post cards with paintings on them and a link to my website (, which I consider my portfolio. Good luck to you!