Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Orange Parade" --- SOLD

Thank you all who commented on yesterday's post and took the time to state an opinion about the past few paintings. I got a really mixed response. The consensus? I am going to continue experimenting with both surfaces, and find some brushes that work a little better on the smooth one. Today's is back on the canvas, my comfort zone.


Pamela Nichols said...

I'm curious as to why you are experimenting with gesso boards and different brushes when you like using canvas. I recently bought a couple of gesso boards because I have noticed some artists I watch online use them. I figured they know something I don't. After watching your blog, I realize I'll need different brushes from my Winsor & Newton Monarchs.

I was instantly struck by the luminosity of your "Illuminate Us" before I read the title. The "Orange Parade" has the same pleasant effect.

Ann Reyes said...

Yes!!! I love the light, the colors, and the wonderful painterly quality!

Christina Hess said...

Hi Carol,

Your blog is a wonderful discovery and an inspiration as well. I am currently experimenting (at a much slower pace) with different brushes and surfaces. I find that white nylon flats and brights work well on gesso board and slick surfaces. They have more of a firm "bounce back" then sables. They keep a long time as well. For me canvas requires much more medium too. So when I switch to board I have to remind myself to use little to no medium in order for the paint to stick. Less streaky-ness.