Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"Herding Slices" --- SOLD

One of my son's favorite movie's is "Babe." If you're not familiar with it, (as I AM) the main character, a pig, ends up herding sheep. In shifting these slices around for a few days now I started to see myself as a herder of sorts. A still life herder you could say.


Don Gray said...

Art should be seen and not herd, Carol. (Sorry, couldn't resist it.)
Fine work, as always.

Melody said...

Love the movie "Babe". Another one of those feel good flicks. This is a lovely piece. Great work

Sharman Owings said...

One of my first dates with Ross was to a performance art piece. The group was Canadian. The entire piece was done without speaking. Sounds, movement and light told the story. I saw your "herd" immediately. It reminded me of that date.