Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"Cut in Half" --- SOLD

I realized a few days ago that when I save an image for the web (as a .jpg) it noticeably reduces the saturation of the colors. Man! What really bugs me is that I've been saving images this way for years and I JUST noticed it! But then once I was on a friend's computer looking at my blog and thought they were way too saturated. I suppose we can't account for everything. Sigh.

This orange bell pepper was abandoned by one of my students at my workshop last weekend. It was kind of old and getting wrinkled on the outside, so I cut it in half to paint. I actually had a whole bag-full of produce leftover from the workshop. I painted what I could and juiced the rest. I hate to waste. : ) Only one apple remains. Oh, and I still had glass in my shadow box, hence the little highlights on the undersides of the pepper pieces. Because the peppers are translucent the light shone through them and made their shadows "red".


Tori said...

I've been coming for a while checking out your painting and they're lovely.

For my birthday yesterday my kids bought me 4 canvases and brushes and paints. Not that I can remotely do what you do but I thought at least I can fill some empty spaces on my walls.

I'll be back, your paintings are wonderful!

Mark Bridges said...

Hi Carol. I left the red pepper. He said I didn't do him justice in class and didn't want to ride home with me. Sigh. :( I have two more in the crisper though. :) These are great and good to study.

Charles Y. Walls said...

Hello Carol.
I just happened onto your blog (beautiful, vibrant work btw) and noticed the comment you made about your images losing saturation. We ran into this same problem when first building Charles' website.
In Photoshop, try converting the images' color space to sRGB. This is the default color space of the web. I have also found it very useful to proof an image before I upload it by opening the file in Internet Explorer. This displays it in the sRGB color space and then I can tweek it as needed.

Good luck! Heather L. Walls

georgiana ewing said...

Hi Carol. I'm the person who drove over from Boerne for the Sunday afternoon session of your recent workshop. It was great. I hope to do the whole thing sometime.

Your work is such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, enthusiasm, and spirit.


olyaaa said...

very juicy looking in spite of its age :)