Thursday, January 10, 2008

"A Closer Look" --- SOLD

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This was a real challenge! I liked the composition because it seemed playful and light ... never realizing it would be so hard to paint. But, as with most challenges, I learned new things from this. Or rather ... I encountered some problems and have some ideas for how I could do it better next time. So I've decided to do a series with these 4 objects and try to learn from each one. Tomorrow I promise to talk specifically about what I'm trying out and what works and doesn't.

WORKSHOP UPDATE: Karin Jurick's and my March workshop is very full. We even have a fairly long wait list. Crazy! One person asked me if she could sit in on the business portion of the workshop where we cover daily painting, ebay, blogging, etc. (which in the past has taken 2-3 hours to cover and is lecture format with lots of Q/A). Karin and I decided to allow anyone who wants to attend that part, for $25. It'll be on the last day of the workshop, and we'll give a more specific time of day as the workshop gets closer. Email me if you're interested and I'll start a list. Thanks.


loriann signori said...

Dear Carole,
First,I love your work and your informative mini narratives. Your idea about other artists (non-participants) attending the business portion of your workshop is a great one. Is it possible to put the information on CD for artists to purchase? I am sure you would have a market.

Jean Crow Artist said...

Carole, please put me on your list for the last (business) part of the workshop. Thanks!

Joyce Washor said...

I've been looking at your paintings all day- been painting myself, taking a break and looking again. I love the way you did the whites (really non-whites) on these paintings. Thanks for all the work you did in posting.