Saturday, January 12, 2008

A series experiment --- SOLD

I tried really hard to make this series spectacular, but in my opinion they turned out only ok. I've decided therefore to post them all today, start them all off at $50 and call this a learning experience. I even changed the price for the first one that I posted on the 10th to $50. And I did learn from this - mostly that I like more color in my paintings! I'll try to say what I learned specifically with each one. (note: if you want a challenge, paint white on white!)

With this one I learned that the shadows aren't really so dark (as in "A Closer Look"), darkest bits are right around the bottoms of the objects, and that it's easier to put in the not so dark shadow FIRST, and then go back in and define the darker line.

This one I really liked the concept of and so I paused here to do a larger version. I especially like the title which, believe it or not, I came up with all by myself. : ) I also considered "Pear Affair."

With this one I learned that if I do 4 paintings in a row (5 including the large one) of the same thing I start to lose interest. : )
It was an interesting experiment and I'm really ready now for something else.


Making A Mark said...

"Carol Marine" and "colour" are synonymous! ;)

I have a feeling you'll come back to this topic again in the future. These are part of the history of your artistic development and are important for that.

T_Rex said...

"Love-a-Pear" looks to me like the best one in the series.

Frank Gardner said...

I agree with T-Rex, "Love A Pear".
Your paintings look even better when I am holding them in my hands Carol! Thanks!