Sunday, December 30, 2007

"Tiny Bells" --- SOLD

I did this painting last night and didn't have daylight to photograph it in. I'll post another this afternoon.

I found these miniature bell peppers at Central Market yesterday and couldn't help myself. It took me forever to find a composition I liked, however. At first I was just randomly tossing them about hoping they would land in a pleasing order. : ) Generally after about 20 minutes or so I start to get panicky. But lately, I've accepted that it takes time to set up a good still life, even something simple like this, and that I should allow for it rather than being frustrated by it. Just having that thought has calmed me down and, I think, led to better paintings.


David Westerfield said...

I love these peppers Carol. You said 20 minutes to set-up, on average how much time would you say you spend on these daily paintings?


Tara Wheeler said...

Ya know, I saw those peppers right next the very *orange* yellow tomatoes and thought of you. :)

I bought a poblano pepper and some Washington state cherries to paint. I went through most of both bins looking for just the right ones, so I'm sure several people noticed the crazy lady evaluating the produce.

I wonder how many other painters were cruising Central Market on the 29th? :)

I painted the pepper today and hope to paint the cherries tomorrow.