Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Sorry about the comments

Because I am a nincompoop, I did something funny to my comments and it took me this long and a question from a friend to make me realize it. I just fixed it and have published all the comments I've gotten since I made the mistake. Sorry about that. I LOVE getting your comments - please don't be discouraged by this!!!

My son didn't take a nap today :( so no painting.


JMahorney said...

I gotta say I'm fascinated and impressed by how daily painters do it. Most especially full time moms (you) and those with full time jobs (qiang). My respect and thanks go out to you guys. :)
So you can only paint when your son is asleep? Does that give you 2 hours?

n. rhodes harper said...

I love your painterly painting style Carol. I especially like the crisp brush strokes that for me are sort of a trademark sign of yours, most of the time now I can tell it is a Carol Marine painting. I have been painting for many, many years and I still don't believe I have it. You are inspiring!

René PleinAir. said...

Wikipedia does not currently have an encyclopedia article for Nincompoop.

No idea what it is, ... your off the hook for that, .... :-)

I guess its a digibeet in Dutch.

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Very glad to have comments back! I agree with N. Rhodes about your recognizeable style: brushwork, composition and colors. Simple but never simplistic (or trite, thank goodness). You must also be a very clever mom to paint so much with a little one... naps or not. I would have had to chain my kids to a dog run or something... and I doubt the neighbors or CPS would have liked that!
Off to look up digibeet.....