Monday, November 12, 2007

"Tumbled" --- SOLD

This is another one that just fell off my brushes. I LIVE for these. I was still going for lighter lights here (see previous few posts). I even added white to the lit part of the apples - something I usually don't do except for the highlight. I suppose if it needs it, it needs it. Duh.


Carol H. said...

Very nice piece! I especially like the way you handled the red apple and the stems, and the drapery is great!

FCP said...

You may have used white, but you've managed to avoid a chalky look,as the colors are still vibrant. Very nice--love the composition as well.

Bart Dluhy said...

Carol, I really like the movement of this piece. Our eyes are directed in, and around the painting with alot of interest. There is a great interaction with the contrast of values, color, texture, and focus. What I love about your work, and this piece in particular, is how you join interior edges (halftone to shadow, or reflected light to core shadow) so naturally without blending. Most times when I attempt this with visible brushstrokes, it looks awkward or unnatural. Great Job!

Chris Bolmeier said...

Last week when I read Empty Easel and Dan mentioned you as his favorite painter, I went to your blog looked at your artwork and proceeded to have my socks knocked off. I will even sheepishly admit saying to myself..."how disgusting, this is gorgeous work!" Your colors "pop" like a 4th of July firecracker. Compositions perfect! I completely understand why you are Dan's favorite painter of the year.
Kind Regards,
Chris Bolmeier

TAG said...

Found your blog through a link from Faye Christian Phillips's blog. Love your work!