Friday, October 19, 2007

Sacramento Workshop

I'm having a great time here in Sacramento. The space we're in is really nice - fantastic skylights and soaring ceilings. The students are all taking to my crazy ideas really quickly. :) The gallery and classroom is right downtown. Someone told me yesterday Sacramento is considered an urban forest, and this is especially true for the downtown. There are HUGE trees everywhere, and right now it's expecially beautiful because the leaves are turning all sorts of beautiful colors. I'm tempted to paint them and am considering that for tomorrow's demo.


Elenka said...

I've been checking your blog almost daily since I've recently found it. Love checking out what you've painted everyday. I wish you had your classes during the summer, as I've love to attend, but I'm all the way in New England and teach all year.
Sooo, what exactly are the 'crazy ideas' you are teaching your students? I'd be very curious to know specifics as I paint (tempera and water colors) myself. I understand if you don't want to give away any trade secrets, tho!
Thanks for your blog!

craigstephens said...

Welcome to Sacramento! I would have enjoyed coming to your workshop but it's my son's birthday and I've got a dozen 15 year olds running around today and tomorrow. I need to stick around and make sure our house survives.

Unknown said...

Seeing the pictures of your class and remembering my wonderful experience in Santa Fe at your September workshop make me wish I could have gotten myself to Sacramento. Can't wait to see pictures of your student's work and also hoping to see your demos -please take lots of pictures to post.

Johanns Diaz said...

thank you for everything Carol learned a lots and still learning. jojo diaz from your sacramento workshop.