Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"Big Bottom" --- SOLD

I bought a bunch these a couple-a weeks ago, and hadn't yet found a good angle to paint them from. But today, it came to me. I'm very happy with it. That is a BIG bottom, huh?

Tomorrow I leave for Sacramento. I'm giving a talk at the American River College at 2, and then my 3-day workshop starts on Friday morning. If I have time, I'll post pictures again like last time, and maybe this time I'll have a painting to show for it. Or not. More for sure when I return on Monday. Ta.


Brendy Vaughn said...

Love it!

Tara Wheeler said...


Carol, this is fabulous!

But now I have Spinal Tap's 'Big Bottom Girls' running through my head!

Sarah Trefny said...

Wow, this is fantastic Carol!

Nat said...

Great stuff. Hey, you aren't Garland's neighbor are you? When we were down in Austin he mentioned something about a daily painter neighbor.

Candy Barr said...

Wonderful perspective and shape! Have a great workshop in CA!