Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Four Yolks" --- SOLD

I was visiting my parents a few weeks ago and my mom (a potter - made this bowl) got up early to make breakfast. She mixed the eggs in this beautiful blue bowl and loved the subtle greens and blues through the "whites". I borrowed the bowl and have been saving the idea for when I drew a blank. I found I really enjoyed painting the eggs and may make a series of it. Be prepared.


Heidi Malott said...

This is lovely Carol! It is so exciting where inspiration can be found.

Bernard Garcia said...

Nice piece Carol! Pardon me for not keeping in touch. i look at your blog daily and your paintings arre looking good! good job. I've been paintings but can't go outside to photograph because of al the ash. hopefully by this weekend I can start posting again.
looking forward to seeing more of your work. cheers, BG

Lorrie Drennan said...

Hi Carol!

Guess what! I am in Austin right now. I am visiting friends here and plan to go to the WW gallery tomorrow if we can fit it in. I plan to tell them that I am visitng their gallery due to finding you on the internet! Just so they know.