Friday, October 26, 2007

"Egg on White" --- SOLD

I love how the yolk sort of floats in the white. Sometimes I get too nit-picky with my paintings. Once I notice, I tend towards too loose. It's like a big pendulum that swings back and forth. I suppose it's the natural order. My best paintings are somewhere in the middle.


Kris Shanks said...

This one is beautiful, Carol. I love the subtle range of yellows and grays.

ch said...

Your paintings are beautiful. I love this new egg series.
I am an artist looking for inspiration. I've started blogging and I'm trying to get painting everyday. If you have any advice I would be ever so grateful.
I have put you in my favorites. I can't wait to check back tomorrow to see what you've done.

Tracy Wall said...

Cindy, that's how I gotted hooked on Carol's work, too. Carol, it's been so helpful for me as well.

I couldn't agree more with the struggle; the back-and-forth pendulum swing of the looseness/tightness of my work. I love the geometrics of form and value, yet also love the painterly loose brushstrokes. Then throw in color... (hey, I kinda like that! Gotta put that in my Artist Statement!)

On days I'm feeling to tight and reworking things too much, I peek at your works here to inspire me to loosen up.

On this one, love the shinyness vs. translucence, too. Thanks Carol for all you do!!

Ambera said...

I think it's a lovely balance between the two in this painting, I love it. You wouldn't be able to get too loose in painting an egg like that, but here you've captured it beautifully!

Ambera said...

Love the subtle reflections on the apple skin and the complimentary colours. Bravo!