Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Rose of Sharon" --- n/a

I have a lovely Rose of Sharon Tree in my backyard. I started it years ago from a tiny little sapling growing up under my grandmother's version of the same. The flowers from it are wonderful, though I must admit this one drooped rather quickly once picked. I was smart enough, this time, to paint in the flower FIRST, and the background afterwards.


Zehava Power said...

This painting is so beautiful.
I love how you positioned, and rendered the fabric, with it's shiney and shaded parts.
I also love that aqua turquoise color you use in many of you pieces. (and is the background in this piece.) What pigemnt do you use to get this color?

Keep up the good work. Every day I'm looking forward to seeing your new stuff in my mail box.
Zehava Power

Michael King said...

The vertical elements work great in the composition. Well done.

Carol Marine said...


Thanks! The pigment for the background is a lot of Phthalo blue and white (probably a little yellow too). I get asked that question a lot. Phthalo blue is such a great color. It makes some great purples when mixed with Alizarian Crimson and white.