Thursday, July 26, 2007

"Glass Vase" --- SOLD

My camera has failed me. It's a nice camera too. No matter how I photographed this painting, my camera would not pick up the purple in the vase. The thin stripes are the correct color, kind of a tealy blue, but the wider stripes are much more purple. I suppose only the winner of this painting will be able to view it accurately.

A friend of mine, Kathleen McElwaine, lent me this vase to paint. She's a fantastic artist herself, and a sweet gal for thinking of me.


David Bogart said...

are you sure its not your monitor?

great painting regardless.

Unknown said...

Bonjour. Je trouve ton blog très beau. Tes peintures sont magnifiques et c'est un plaisir de les regarder. A bientôt. Passe un bon week end. Gros bisous. Michelle

Anonymous said...

Simple and effective! I really like this one. I'm a 'blue' person, so favour your colour choice, too!