Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"Three-quarters" --- SOLD

Pears are great to paint. They have interesting shapes (not just round). They keep for a while (though not as long as apples - they're the best). They're mostly green (my favorite color). And they're yummy when you HAVE to eat them. I wonder, can you deduct the cost of fruit in your taxes if you're going to paint it AND eat it??? I hope the IRS never reads this...

And is an artist allowed to have a favorite color? I suppose I don't like just ANY green. I prefer certain shades of green, and especially when they're next to certain other colors. According to the Munsell color wheel, a redish purple is the complement of green, and purple is the compliment of lime green. I tend to prefer this...I never thought red was a good option...except at Christmas. Any of you other artists have a favorite color? Or am I just weird???


Sarah Fox said...

Lovely pears! My favorite part is the splash of yellow on the edge of the bottom pear. Beautiful!
In college, one of my teachers would give people nicknames based on the colors they loved and used in their paintings a lot. I was burgundy Sarah, he was umber Todd, their was a naples Jessica. You'd be Green Carol Marine, which rhymes so is the perfect color for you!!

Linda Warner Constantino said...

I am hopelessly in love with green, too.
I have a collection of Bauer green ringware bowls that I have bought on Ebay over the years. My goal in collecting was to have no two be same color green. Like I said, I have it bad.
Interestingly enough green has historically been the worst retail color, according to Ogilvy in Advertising. I think that means more in clothes and ads.
My feeling is that it comes down to painting what you love about green and communicating that through your work which you so aptly do.
Nicely done!


Debbie Miller said...

I agree, that bottom slice is really nicely done. I have a hard time painting green. My favorite would have to be cad red light...or naples yellow...or alizarin crimson...how can you choose? it would have to be a red for me

Michael Naples said...

Hey debbie, I have to agree on the Naples Yellow. I also have a hard time painting a single green color. My greens consist of a variety of different greens to make a consistent looking color. It's always a challenge, though.

Madison Moore said...

Love your comment about deducting the fruit for expenses. The fist expense that tastes good! Nice wrok.
k. madison