Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"Quadruplets" --- SOLD

I've always been good at painting/drawing what I see, but it's really hard for me to make up anything, and so I envy people who paint abstract or cartoons or from memory. That said, I like to experiment with putting colors where they aren't really - like the little patch of blue in the bottom right corner of this one. There doesn't seem to be any rule for what those colors should be or how much or where, and so I rely on instinct...when I have it. Susan Ogilvie does this well - I never see her colors when I'm outside.

These apple slices reminded me of babies in a row. Having one myself (now 2 yrs-old) makes me think we should give the people with 2 or more at a time a medal...a really big one. Wow.


Michele said...

Hi Carol - I love your last 2 paintings, the pear with the yellow edge and lovely shadow work as well as the fantastic colour choices!
About quadruplets - really exciting colors on the apples, love your venturing into "concept art?", did not notice the blue on the lower right, which means it works its magic without being blatant!
Am expecting second child and have a 3,5 y.old very lively, intense daughter - what am I thinking? You are an inspiration to me how you keep painting so consistently, despite caring for a toddler!

David Bogart said...

i actually prefer your work over susans. your colors seem more true to life. bright and vibrant without
going into unrealistic territory.

keep up the excellent work.

Carol Marine said...

Wow, Michele - YOU deserve a medal! You go girl.

And thank you David. That's really very nice of you to say.


Mike said...

Nice Work, Carol! I love the contemporary edge to the realism. It speaks well for your creativity and flare! Keep up the terrific work!

All the best,